The Apocalypse Show Cast List

Thank you to everyone who came out and auditioned!  There was so much talent, but unfortunately not enough roles for everyone.  We want EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU to be a part of this process!  Please join Lighting!  Help us tell this story!

To the cast:  Please email the Stage Manager, Maddie Baker, at to accept your role.  Our first rehearsal is Monday until 5:40.

If you have any questions about the audition and callback process, contact Maddie Baker and she will schedule a time to meet with you.

Thanks so much!


Cast List

John: Mason Tepper

Perry: Gabby Barrett

Margot/Older: Lizzy McAlpine

Betty/Intern: Catherine Schnarr

Student: Jon Adams

Younger: Danielle Snyder

Carpenter: Gabe Walsh-Shore

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