The Addams Family PDS

Production Manager: Emily Fogel

Production Assistant: Gabe Walsh-Shore


Stage Manager: Liana Haigh

Assistant Stage Manager: Mason Tepper

Director: Catherine Schnarr

Assistant Director: Joanna Gerber

Co-Choreographers: Hannah Spector and Camryn Amen

Co-Vocal Directors: Sylvia Coopersmith and Lizzy McAlpine

Student Instrumental Director: Olin Wei

Assistant Student Instrumental Director: Mia Hodges


Set Designer: Sarah Cohen

Assistant Set Designer: Tiffany Sturgell

Scenery Crewhead: Whit Castiglioni

Assistant Scenery Crewhead: Hasadri Freeman

Co Prop Designers: Julia Rosen and Claire Phillips

Special Effects Designer: Lucy Pickering


Lighting Designer: Dillon McHenry

Assistant Lighting Designer: Jake Gurevitch

Lighting Crewhead: Raffi Lockenour

Sound Designer: Claire Sosnowski

Co-Assistant Sound Designers: Jackie Jaspers and Genevieve Blumencwejg


Costume Designer: Esen Daldal

Co-Assistant Costume Designers: Danielle Snyder and Sarina Petit

Costumes Crewhead: Alex Pierce

Assistant Costumes Crewhead: Davon Collins

Hair and Makeup Designer: Carly Dessain


Marketing Director: Eli Rossman

Assistant Marketing Director: Catherine Kuzas

Graphic Designer: Olivia Bartrand

Program Designer: Tessa Wolff

Photographer: Nina Finkle

Videographer: Jackson Nicoletti

Assistant Videographer: Jordan Nelson

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