Below is the Production Design Staff (PDS) for our current show:

Production Manager:

Production Assistant:


Stage Manager: Mason Tepper

Assistant Stage Manager:

Director: Maddie Baker

Assistant Director: Davon Collins

Dramaturg: Liana Haigh

Choreographer: Camryn Amen

Assistant Choreographers: Hasadri Freeman and Lily Dayanim

Vocal Director:

Student Instrumental Director: Mia Hodges

Assistant Student Instrumental Directors: Eric Liang and Nehama Dormont


Set Designer: Lucy Pickering

Assistant Set Designer: Brigit O’Bannon

Scenery Crewhead:

Assistant Scenery Crewhead:

Prop Designers:


Lighting Designer: Jake Gurevitch

Assistant Lighting Designer:

Lighting Crewhead:

Sound Designer:

Assistant Sound Designer:


Costume Designer: Sarina Petit

Assistant Costume Designer: Margaret Wells

Costumes Crewhead:

Assistant Costumes Crewhead:

Hair and Makeup Designer:


Marketing Director:

Media Manager:

Art Director:

Program Designer:

Public Relations:

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