Hairspray Interviews Round 2

Hey Players! We hope you’ve been having a fantastic summer!

The second round of interviews for Hairspray will begin in a few weeks. Listed below are the positions and their respective dates:

August 28th, Monday, 11:00 AM

Hair and Makeup Designer
Sound Designer
Props Designer
Scenery Crewhead
Lighting Crewhead
August 29th, Tuesday, 11:00 AM
Assistant Sound Designer
Assistant Lighting Designer
Assistant Hair and Makeup Designer
Assistant Props Designer
Costumes Crewhead
Production Manager
August 31st, Thursday, 11:00 AM
Art Director
Marketing Director
Media Manager
Public Relations
Program Designer
September 1st, Friday, 11:00 AM
Assistant Scenery Crewhead
Assistant Costumes Crewhead
Assistant Lighting Crewhead
Assistant Stage Manager
Production Assistant
If you are interested in interviewing for one of these positions, please fill out an application and complete the Google Form. As well, interview preparation can be found at
The Board
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