Hairspray Cast

Good evening,

Please make sure to read the following information thoroughly.

Thank you for auditioning and for the amount of preparation each of you brought to every element of this intense audition and callbacks. There was a tremendous amount of talent this year which made our jobs incredibly difficult. Please find the cast list for Hairspray below.

To those not cast, you are still an extremely valuable member of PLAYERS community. Please come to Company Call this Monday, September 18th, and join one of our other crews. We need your help to tell this story.

If you would like feedback on your audition from the Acting Coach, Jonathan, please contact the Stage Manager:

If you were cast – congratulations! Please email the Stage Manager, Mason Tepper, at to accept your role.

Here is our rehearsal schedule for next week:

Monday, September 18th-3:00PM-5:30PM First Company Call and Read/Listen Through

Tuesday, September 19th-3:00PM-5:30PM Vocals for You Can’t Stop The Beat.

Wednesday, September 20th-3:00PM-4:30PM Choreography for You Can’t Stop The Beat.

Saturday, September 23rd -12:00N-5:00PM DETAILS T.B.D.


Tracy Turnblad : Amalia Schneider

Link Larkin: Joel Herbert

Edna Turnblad: Noah Scher

Wilbur Turnblad: Tim Askey

Penny Pingleton:: Lizzy McAlpine

Seaweed: Jordan Sheikh

Velma Von Tussle : Madeleine Shalaby

Amber Von Tussle: Zora Gamberg

Corny Collins: Karl Meyer

Little Inez: Kohana Bondurant

Motormouth Maybelle: Kate Harte-McCormick

Prudy Pingleton: Liv Bartrand

Mr. Pinky: Oron Barash

Gym Teacher: Carly Dessain

Harriman Spritzer: Adam Rothschild

Matron: Juliet Bogan

Stooie: Josh Martin

Principal: Analiese Gale


Tammy: Tes Goldman

Brad: Oron Barash

Fender: Rebecca Altman

Brenda: Noa Webner

Sketch: David Altman

Shelley: Chloe Amen

IQ: Anna Barnett

Lou Ann: Gabby Barrett


Judine: Laila Jones

Kamilah: Audi Medina

Shayna: Elan Holte


Alex Earley

Maya Verdier

Kiah Collins

Leilani Manson

Erieon Dominick

Adele Holl


Hadassah Turk Tolub

Karli Valenta

Sabrina Boczko

Meredith Meyer

Carly Mitchell

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