Hairspray Callbacks

Hey everyone! Thank you so much to all who auditioned today! Below is the list of people who are called back on Friday, September 15th at 2:50 in Mr. Grace’s Room (123). If you see your name on that list, expect an email this evening with more information regarding your callback.

If you do not see your name on the list, it does not mean you are not cast in the show. Make sure to still check the cast list after it goes up on the PLAYERS website.

The cast list will be posted the evening of Friday, September 15th at

If you have any questions, email the stage manager, Mason Tepper, at

Thank you so much for your time!

Noa S.
David A.
Joel H.
Tim A.
Audi M.
Anna B.
Gabby B.
Sabrina B.
Amalia S.
Madeleine S.
Noa W.
Analiese G,
Lizzy M.
Rebecca A.
Zora G .
Sam M.
Oron B.
Karl M.
Joshua M.
Jordan S.
Maya V.
Kohana B.
Lelani M.
Kate HM.
Elan H.
Laila J.
Liv B.
Tes G.
Chloe A.
Carly D.
Juliet B.
Joanna G.
Phoebe D.
Emi P.
Kiah C.
Alex E.
Adele H.
Hadassah T.
Erieon D.

Karli V.


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