Eurydice PDS

Production Manager: Emily Fogel

Production Assistant: Mae Latona


Stage Manager: Claire Phillips

Assistant Stage Manager: Madeleine Shalaby

Director: Joanna Gerber

Assistant Director: Anna Barnett

Dramaturg: Esen Daldal

Choreographer: Sylvia Coopersmith


Set Designer: Tiffany Sturgell

Assistant Set Designer: Aviva Schuh

Scenery Crewhead: Whit Castiglioni

Assistant Scenery Crewhead: Laura Mernaugh

Props Coordinator: Lewis Kothman

Co-Special Effects Designer: Sarah Cohen and Liana Haigh


Lighting Designer: Raffi Lockenour

Assistant Lighting Designer: Brook Zenebe

Lighting Crewhead: Dillon McHenry

Co-Sound Designers: Olivia Bartrand and Julia Rosen



Costume Designer: Sarina Petit

Assistant Costume Designer: McKenna Axtell

Costumes Crewhead: Alimah Granieri

Assistant Costumes Crewhead: Analiese Gale

Hair and Makeup Designer: Catherine Schnarr

Assistant Hair and Makeup Designer: Lexy Morgenstern


Marketing Director: Hadassah Turk Tolub

Art Director: Camryn Amen

Public Relations: Eli Rossman

Media Manager: Madison Baker

Program Designer: Liana Massey

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