Eurydice Interviews Round 3

Hey guys! Here is the final list of interviews for Eurydice. If you plan to interview, please email the board ( 24 hours prior to when interviews begin. This means that you must send in your email by 3 o’clock the day before your interview.

If you are planning to go out for a position, make sure to fill out the below application and ask the board for access to the script and read through it.

Please email with any questions!

Tuesday, February 21st

Scenery Crewhead

Assistant Scenery Crewhead

Lighting Crewhead

Assistant Lighting Crewhead

Costumes Crewhead

Assistant Costumes Crewhead

Wednesday, February 22nd

Media Manager

Marketing Director

Art Director

Public Relations

Program Designer

Post Mortem and Interview Prep


director notes

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