Eurydice Interviews Round 2

Hey everyone!

Here is the list of interviews for this week. Email the board ( if you are interested in a position and we will give you access to the script. Make sure to fill out the attached application and read the post mortem binder prior to your interview. Positions with an asterisk next to them are explained at the bottom. Also, if you are interested in going out for a design position, please read through the director notes attached at the bottom to help you better understand different aspects of the show and how that will fit into different positions.

Monday, February 13th

Set Designer

Costume Designer

Lighting Designer

Sound Designer

Tuesday, February 14th 


Special Effects Designer*

Hair and Makeup Designer

Props Designer


Wednesday, February 15th

Assistant Set Designer

Assistant Costume Designer

Assistant Lighting Designer

Assistant Sound Designer

Assistant Props Designer

Assistant Hair and Makeup Designer

*Choreographer: Will be in charge of helping to create onstage transitions and costume changes to add to the show effects. Also, will be able to incorporate more traditional dancing in the show if desired.

*Special Effects Designer: Their main focus will be on the water aspects of the show; specifically the rain and water pump. They will work to create shadow puppetry as well. They will also be in charge of any miscellaneous projects that come up throughout the show. Assistant and Co position will also be offered for special effects.

Post Mortem and Interview Prep


director notes

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