Eurydice Cast

Below is the cast list. We appreciate everyone who auditioned and we cannot emphasize that enough. There was an incredible amount of talent in the Blackbox this week. If you were cast—congratulations! Please email the Stage Manager, Claire Phillips, at to accept your role.

To those not cast, you are still an extremely valuable member of Players. Please come to Company Call on Tuesday, February 28th, and join one of our other crews. We need your help to tell this story.

If you would like feedback from the Acting coach on your callback, please contact the Stage Manager or Jon Silver himself at Thank you for your patience and understanding during this decision process.

Eurydice: Lizzy McAlpine
Orpheus: Mason Tepper
Father: Gabe Walsh-Shore
Nasty Interesting Man: Ellis Kelsey
Hades/Child: Brandon Kedson
Little Stone: Maya Foster
Big Stone: Noa Webner
Loud Stone: Emily Harnett
Dancers: Brian Ungar, Gabriela Barrett, Jordan Sheikh, and Laci Sanders

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