Eurydice Callbacks

Thank you so much to everyone who came out and auditioned today! We really appreciate it.

Callbacks are Monday, February 27th at 2:50 in the blackbox. Please be prepared to stay until 8, but, similarly to auditions, most of you will not have to stay for the entire time. If you are on the list below, please check your email later tonight for more information about the roles that you’re called back for, though you may be asked to read for characters you were not called back for.

The callback sides for all acting roles are attached below. You may bring the sides with you into the callback, but it’s strongly suggested that you be off-book by that point.

If you auditioned for a dancer, results will be posted with the cast list on Monday night. There is no callback for dancers.

If you have any questions or conflicts please email the Stage Manager, Claire Phillips, at

Brandon Kedson
Ellis Kelsey
Gabe Walsh-Shore
Juliet Bogan
Izzy Marguiles
Jordan Sheikh
Noa Webner
Katherine Wang
Lizzy McAlpine
Mason Tepper
Laci Sanders
Erin Swisher
Maya Foster
Oron Barash
Karli Valenta
Andrew Stern

Eurydice Callback Sides

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