Clarification of Reserved Seats in Limited Seating Productions

On Friday, March 24, 2017, an agreement was reached by the following individuals: Emily Fogel (Vice President and Production Manager), Madison Baker (Treasurer and Media Manager), Esen Daldal (Project Manager and Dramaturg), Mae Latona (Production Assistant), Hadassah Turk Tolub (Marketing Director), and Eli Rossman (Public Relations).

In any production in which seats are limited, there will always remain a 15 seat cushion per performance. For example, if there are 100 seats available, only 85 tickets will be sold online. The 15 seats remaining include: 2 complimentary tickets for the Director and Assistant Director, 4 complimentary tickets for PDS members (each PDS member will receive 1 free ticket per show), and 9 tickets for community members or teachers. If a PDS member wishes to see the show more than once, he or she must purchase tickets. If money is an issue, please speak to a Board member.

Emily Fogel, 2017

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