Eurydice PDS

Production Manager: Emily Fogel Production Assistant: Mae Latona Acting Stage Manager: Claire Phillips Assistant Stage Manager: Madeleine Shalaby Director: Joanna Gerber Assistant Director: Anna Barnett Dramaturg: Esen Daldal Choreographer: Sylvia Coopersmith Scenery Set Designer: Tiffany Sturgell Assistant Set Designer: Aviva Schuh Scenery Crewhead: Whit Castiglioni Assistant Continue Reading

The Importance of Being Earnest PDS

Production Manager: Sarah Cohen Production Assistant: Madeleine Shalaby Acting Stage Manager: Isaac Rand Assistant Stage Manager: Claire Phillips Director: Maddie Baker Assistant Director: Olivia Bartrand Dramaturg: Julia Rosen   Scenery Set Designer: Lucy Pickering Assistant Set Designer: Brook Zenebe Scenery Crewhead: Jake Gurevitch Assistant Scenery Continue Reading