Servant of Two Masters PDS Positions

Co-Production Managers: Kei Nakagawa and Jenny Tsai Acting Stage Manager: Molly Weilbacher Assistant Stage Manager: Mira Nathanson Director: Robert Gaudio Assistant Director: Rob Katz Dramaturge: Elsa Schieffelin Scenery Set Designer: Bobby Lundquist Assistant Set Designer: Marisa Finkelstein Scenery Crewhead: Adam Knapp Assistant Scenery Crewhead: Lizzie Continue Reading

Dracula PDS Decisions

Production Manager: Elena Behar Acting: Stage Manager: Katie Tsai Assistant Stage Manager: Aliza Schweitzer Director: Eli Newschaffer Assistant Director: Jenny Tsai Scenery: Set Designer: Adam Knapp Assistant Set Designer: Michael Lashner Scenery Crewhead: Marisa Finkelstein Assistant Scenery Crewhead: Julia Rosedale Co Props Mistresses: Dorthea Sturgell Continue Reading