LM Players Sponsorship Program

Distinguished Sponsors

The Askey Family

The Feld Family

The Giangiulio Family

The Gurevitch Family

The Hafter Family

The Handleman Family

The Hepp Family

The Lower Merion/Harriton Alumni Association

The Pliskin Family

The Rand Family

The Rose Family

Rachel Seligman

The Sosnowski Family

Leon & Pat Wilk

Active Sponsors

Soryl Angel

Angela Hu

Emily Rosenberg



PLAYERS is a student run theater organization. We are always striving to stabilize our financial status, memorialize the history of our organization, streamline our design process, and further modernize our theater technology. We plan to raise $5,000 with your assistance. Please consider supporting Lower Merion PLAYERS at one of the following levels:

Details on sponsorship levels will be coming soon!!


We accept PayPal donations as well as checks made out to Lower Merion Players. A physical mail sponsorship form will also be available.


During the 2012-2013 school year, the Players board worked hard to launch a development campaign. While we produce quality shows with our current budget, extra funding would provide us the opportunity to spend more time with our coaches to bring our performance and technique to new levels. The development campaign is our effort to raise $10,000 annually to finance this artistic aim. Over this past year we have held a fundraising committee and embarked on several projects to raise money, but we have discovered another resource from which we can aid our development: alumni and parent donations. While Players strives to maintain its student-run status in every possible way, we sometimes need to step back and ask for help.

One of the biggest achievements of the 2012-2013 board was the creation of a Players PayPal account. We would greatly appreciate your help through your donations. Every single dollar goes a long way for us and really makes a difference. As Players no longer receives funding from the school, this money goes straight to our productions through purchases such as plywood for our sets or fabric for our costumes. Our development efforts also coincide with a general goal to establish more specific budgets for each of our crews. Players strives to produce the best shows and any size donation will help us focus on the production as opposed to the cost, a major influence on our mission statement. With your help we could do some really amazing things, and we’d really appreciate your help!

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