Post Mortem

With every show that Players preforms there are certain things that we do very well and some that we could have done better. We strive to improve ourselves and get the most that we possibly can out of every show. One of the main ways we do this is through Post Mortem.  After a show closes – or post mortem -  each member of the Production and Design Staff (PDS) submits a questionnaires detailing how they think that the show went and their strengths and failings so that future PDS members can learn from them and avoid making the same mistakes again.  Until now, these Post Mortem questionnaire have been stored in Players’ iconic Post Mortem Binder. To allow more prospective members of PDS learn what they can do to put on a better show, we have now made an archive of the Post Mortem Binder available here.  As we move into the future and complete more shows the Post Mortem questionnaires from future shows will appear here as each show closes.

Post Mortem questionnaires are organized by PDS position and are searchable by name and PDS position.  Questions should be directed to Lizzie Schnarr, Vice President.

Click here to access the Post Mortem archive.

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